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About Me

I first fell in love with photography and the great impact it can make when I was a child. My father, who traveled the world before immigrating to the United States, took pictures to commemorate his expeditions and worked as a photo retoucher in his youth. I became obsessed with poring over the stacks of photographs, creating stories and worlds behind each image. It taught me how to expand my imagination into creating images that allows the viewer to do the same.  As a teenager, I began to learn the basics of photography and after that I was always either in a darkroom or snapping photographs, never seen without a camera in my hand.  

It was my dream to travel the globe, shooting for National Geographic, but as I grew older I discovered a second love—working with people. When I realized how much joy there was in getting to know a subject and capturing the essence of who they were on film, portrait photography became my passion.  

While continuing still life, landscape and travel photography, I began shooting portraits in 2005 with a focus mostly on children, family and maternity portraits.  I have always connected and felt most comfortable working with kids.  They are the most honest of subjects, bringing so much personality to a photograph.  

I have recently expanded into headshots for musicians, authors, law firms and other corporations, as well as, marketing and advertising images for children’s clothing lines, other small retail businesses, hair salons and pilates studio’s.  The real world experience I garnered during my 10 years of work experience in Marketing and Advertising, gives me special insight into what works and what doesn’t in the realm of advertising and marketing photography.  

My philosophy on all fronts, whether it be portraits, fashion, music, family or advertising, is to work with the client, collaborate on ideas, and always have fun.